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Exibitions and Events

2002 November Personal Exibition  at the Gallery Blancheaert Milan
Presentation of the first collection “Sea Glasses”

2003  June  Personal Exibition  at the Gallery Blancheaert
Presentation of the collection “Ice”

2004 December Personal Exibition  at the Gallery Blancheaert
Presentation of the collection Bisanzio

2005 December   Personal Exibition at the Atelier RIEDIZIONI  by  Luisa Cevese

2006  November Design Collective at Villa Bozzolo(Varese) for  F.A.I. (Fondo Ambiente Italiano )

2007- 2008  Atelier  Roberta Buttò ,Milan

2009 Personal Exhibition at the Space “Venti Correnti ,Milan
Presentation of the new collection Clessidre (Hourglass)

2010-2011  Atelier Graziella Gay Milan
Presentation of the new Collection “ Stones”. And other two exhibitions

2012 April_May, ”Salone del Mobile”, Milan Collective  “Around  the  Book, Between Art and Design”by Beppe Finessi  Poldi Pezzoli Museum

2012 e 2013  Salone del Mobile takes part of the first and second Edition  of “A casa” by Ballini Richards FBR

2013 November  December  at Galleria Subert ,Milan  Personal exhibition on the occasion of her  ten years  in jewels design

2013 April Salone del Mobile ay Subert  Gallery presentation of her new  collection “ Ludus”

2013 April - May Salone del Mobile, Collective ”the Soft Home “by Beppe Finessi Poldi Pezzoli Museum , Milan

2013 April Salone del Mobile  presents  ‘Talk’ with the Greek Thalia Georgoulis in 5vie District

2013 April, Collective for Milano Makers by by Alessandro Mendini

2013  June  Personal exhibition ‘Intrecci’ at Galleria Subert via della Spiga ,Milan

2013 June, on the occasion of the opening of the Flagship Store Neutra she presents a new collection using Neutra’s  materials

2013  November ” Collective “Ring Party” Venice by AGC 

2014 November  Personal exhibition “+1” a new  jewel for each collection

2014 October at Villa Erba, Como Lake she takes part of the exhibition  “Immagina Il matrimonio” by Angelo Garini “

2014 November Collective  for the Exhibition  “Manualmente Vetro” by Jean Blancheaert  Villa Necchi Campiglio , Milan

2015 April, Salone del Mobile Design Week Collective  “Geographies” “ by Beppe Finessi, Poldi Pezzoli Museum

 2015  April  Design Week presents “Art  and Jewelery” by 5 Vie District

2015  18 May - 31 November on the occasion of ’Expo she takes part of the exhibition  “Floating tables “ at galleria Subert “Objects and  décor for the table”

2015  August , Collective on the contemporary jewel  Guardiagrele , Abruzzo

2015  November , December   personal Exhibition At Galleria Subertt with the new Collection “ Moody, Lilliput e Pop”

2016 March- April “Salone del Mobile “Almost Secret” between Art and design by Beppe Finessi Poldi Pezzoli Museum  Milan

2016 June  Collective “From the Sea ,for the Sea” by Silvia Tardy Favignana Sicily

2016 July Atelier “Emanuela Marchesini”  Personal Exhibition , Pietrasanta ,Tuscany