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Francesca Mo

Francesca Mo, an architect from Milan, has been for years in the field of authorial jewellery with a certain success.
Her research is based on two basics: the observation of how nature in time takes back anthropic artefacts distorting their original forms, colors and proportions restoring their primordial virginity and the study of the chromatic juxtaposition of materials.
You can view some of the jewels belonging to the very first collection Vetri di mare (Sea's glass): shattered bottle glass, modelled by the waves, mounted on red, yellow and white gold;
the Arlecchini collection, tiles' residues, shaped by the sea as well, where the terracotta contains debris of colored enamel, landscapes, fragments of color;
the Ghiaccio (Ice) collection characterized by a clean and sharp form exalted by different and often bright tints.
In the last collection, presented in 2010, Clessidre (Hourglasses), the materials used are sand and semiprecious stones' discards that move in between two thin pieces of glass that contain them. In some of them, as in small deserts, now and then shiny pebbles and minuscule clockworks resurge.

Francesca Mo lives and works in Milan.
MOASI via San Maurilio 7, 20123 Milano
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